Saturday, September 26, 2015

Becoming Foster Parents

The process to become a foster parent isn't easy on the heart. For 6 weeks we spent the majority of our Saturday at the training classes. These were in depth and long classes. We struggled being away from our son for that long and with the material we were learning. There were many times I'd need to listen to Christmas music after class to shake off the gloomy feelings.

And there were so many times we almost gave up.

After all, what are the rewards for the foster parents?

As a foster parent you face parenting challenges you never counted on experiencing. You open your home and your whole heart to someone who may be with you for mere days. You open your family to a barrage of questions from outsiders. You open yourself to judgments from everyone around you and to the stereotypes our culture has given you. As a foster parent you agree to shelter and protect a child while knowing your protection is very, very limited.

But then you get that phone call. There is an innocent child that needs you. They have no one else.

How can you say no?
Even if you're told they'll only be with you for 3 days?
Your heart is already gone.


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