Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spread the Word, Spread the Love : Final Thoughts

Our February social media campaign is coming to a close this evening.
Thank you again to all who have participated!
God has a plan for each of our families and each of you have helped that this week!

I wanted to end with a little more information on each family.
Hopefully this will be shared throughout the web!

We're a family thanks to the blessing of adoption, and we are hoping once more for a miracle.
We are a happy bunch, and with two silly little boys life is never dull at our house. Some of our favorite things are being outside, games, hiking, movies,  and food. Lance loves sports, and especially loves to play basketball and go golfing. He also loves to cook and I love when he and the boys whip up masterpieces for dinner. I love to run and do yoga. It's a good thing too because I also love to bake and I looove candy!

Zac is an extremely energetic almost 4 year old who keeps us on our toes. We never cease to be amazed at his intelligence, he learns everything so easily and sucks it up like a sponge. Ty is almost two and is our mellow man and sunshine. He is much more serious and shy, but he has the best laugh in the world and you can't help but be happy around him.

We're hoping these two handsome guys will get to be big brothers soon 
and would love YOUR help to spread the word!

Thanks so much for your help! We are so thankful everyday for the joy adoption has brought to our lives!

PS I love this candid of Julie's family! 

We love Superman in our house too!

hello friends!  we are the shumway family.  we have been blessed once by adoption which brought our spunky little ginger, harley, into our family.  nothing would make us happier than to add another little one to our family.
first there is josh.  he's the best buddy in the world according to harley and the best dad according to kenna. he is finishing up his second year at north east ohio medical university, with two more to go in their pharmacy program.  when he isn't studying he is playing monster trucks, hide 'n' seek, or reading books with harley.  he loves to play any sport and is always excited for basketball night on wednesdays. 
 josh loves his family and is excited for a new addition!
kenna is the heart of the family and loves her boys deeply.  her days are filled with construction paper, kissing scrapes, and making sure all sandwiches are free of the bread crust.  she also attends kent state university and is so excited to be graduating with her degree in psychology.  kenna loves soccer and music and had a dream come true getting a piano for christmas!  she can't wait for harley to start soccer in the spring so she can cheer him on and bring orange slices.
harley is the happiest little man on the planet.  he is full of sass and has the most awesome red hair.  he loves going to school, painting, being a chef in his new play kitchen, and being a rescue hero.  he is constantly leading his two dogs to safety!  more than anything, harley is excited to be a big brother.  he practices on his stuffed penguin rico, rocking him to sleep, tucking him into bed, and making sure he is taken care of.  harley will be the best big brother a little one could ask for!

we are so excited to grow our family through adoption.  
it's been a blessing and we know it will continue to be in our lives.  

PS I LOVE this photo of Kenna's family! 

It brings a smile to my face! They have an awesome sense of humor!

Hello! Thank you for taking time to get to know us better! 
Our family has been blessed by adoption once before with Nathan and now we're hoping for another miracle and to welcome another child into our loving family!

Gavin is the Daddy and Nathan's role model. 
Nathan wants to be just like him which melts my heart! 
He wears hats like him, likes to work with tools just like him, and eats his food all gone at dinner time so he can grow big and strong, just like Daddy! 
Gavin is a mechanical engineer here and gets to work with airplanes. 
Nathan and I happen to think this is pretty awesome (ie the coolest job ever). 
Gavin loves soccer and college football. No NFL for this guy. 
He loves airplanes and can't help but tell you all it's mechanics when you're on one! 
Shauna is the Mommy and Nathan is her shadow during the day.
She loves to bake and do fun crafts with Nathan. She loves the outdoors and feels blessed to have a son who loves to go on adventures with her. She loves to read and dreams of finishing her degree in English one day so she can teach. Her family is her life and they come first. She currently helps teach preschool for Nathan and his buddies. She loves watching sports with Gavin and to talk politics. She also likes to pretend she's handy around the house and 
anytime she gets to fix anything she feels like Tim the Tool Man!
Nathan is our joy. 
He is full of energy and curiosity! He loves to follow Mommy around all day and loves to call Daddy while he's at work. He loves cars, airplanes, being outside, and anything with art supplies. He loves Mommy and Daddy to read him stories. 
He is very helpful and always trying to find ways to help Mommy and Daddy. 
He loves being a big boy and is excited to become a big brother!

Thank you again to everyone who has been sharing and spreading the love!

The contest ends TODAY Saturday night at midnight Eastern time!
Comment ON THIS POST when you share to enter!
Winners will be chosen at random and announced Monday, Feb 10th. 

First Prize: my favorite chocolates in the world!

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