Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spread the Word, Spread the Love : Dads are Important

It has been an amazing couple of days on this blog.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
to everyone who has participated in sharing!

This is the last day to enter the contest.
I've seen so many sharing on social media sites but haven't entered the blog contest.
To them I say thank you and you want the chocolate! Enter!

I wanted to highlight these families again before the contest ends. 

These Dads are amazing. 
Lance with Zachary and Ty

Josh with Harley

Gavin with Nathan

To these guys, their family is everything.
They work hard and play harder with their boys.
They love God and serve him by serving their families.
I've met Lance and Josh and I would be thrilled if either of them were to be a Scout leader for Nathan or a role model. And it goes without saying that I think the world of Gavin.

All three men have been dealt the challenge of infertility.
Whether through their spouse or their own diagnosis, 
they've suffered just as much as us women through this.
And they've all remained rock solid in the hope that God would bless them with children through the miracle of adoption.
I personally don't know how I would have gotten this far without God and Gavin and I know that Julie and Kenna must feel the same way. 

Last call for the contest!
Please continue to share these blog posts and the links below!

Every share helps us get closer to those amazing women that are praying for our families.

God has a plan for each of our families and you could be one of the links in bringing us together!

The contest ends TODAY Saturday night at midnight Eastern time!
Comment ON THIS POST when you share to enter!
Winners will be chosen at random and announced Monday, Feb 10th. 

First Prize: my favorite chocolates in the world!

Milk Chocolate Mania - Truffle Assortment by Karma in the Kitchen

Second Prize: Good Night Book Pack 
These are some of our favorite bedtime books!

Again, contest ends at midnight Eastern Time TODAY Saturday Feb 8th
Ready, set, SHARE!

Thank you everyone! 


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