Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spread the Love, Spread the Word - Let's Get Started!

It's time to start our media blitz 
"Spread the Love, Spread the Word!"

If you are reading this, then you can help!
All you need is the internet and to click that share button!
I'm even throwing prizes in to make it even more fun!
Let's party!

For the next couple of weeks I'm going to ask that you help share links, photos, etc of us and 2 other amazing families hoping to adopt.

Will you help us?

First let me explain why we need your help.
All three families are pursuing identified adoptions.
DefinitionAn identified adoption may also be called a parent initiated adoption. In this type of adoption, the adoptive parents and birth parents identify, find, or already know each other, and then use the services of an adoption agency or an independent adoption social worker or other facilitator, to arrange and finalize the adoption.

Between the three of us, we have found 4 children through family and friends spreading the word.
It's amazing what can happen when we all help each other!
So we need your help!

What to do:
This is a media blitz! In the fabulous age of social media 
we can spread the word far and wide with just a few clicks!
So I ask that as you're sharing things on the 'net during the day, please include links to 
our blogs, adoption profiles, and links to blog posts we write!

All of us have found our children through word of mouth so your efforts DO help!

Starting tonight until Feb 8th at midnight Eastern Time you can leave a comment here whenever you share this blog post or any of the links above on any social media site!
Yes you can leave a comment per share to increase your chances of winning!
Winners will be chosen at random and announced Monday, Feb 10th. 

First Prize: my favorite chocolates in the world!

Milk Chocolate Mania - Truffle Assortment by Karma in the Kitchen

Second Prize: Good Night Book Pack 
These are some of our favorite bedtime books!

Again, contest ends at midnight Eastern Time on Feb 8th
Ready, set, SHARE!

Thank you everyone!


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