Thursday, July 18, 2013

Open Adoption in Our Home

Because of open adoption, the following was able to take place during a quiet afternoon of pretend play...

Nathan had found an old cell phone and was pretending to make phone calls. Then he handed the phone to me and asked me to call Gavin. I pretended to call Gavin and chatted about our day. Then he told me, "Call Emily." (his birth mother). I pretended to call her and chatted. After I was done he sweetly said, "Thank you for calling my Emily." 

I was so happy! Open adoption is still a new thing and it's still very much uncharted territory. My husband and I knew how we wanted our son to feel about his birth mother, but like with anything else in parenting had no real understanding of how we were going to accomplish that. We've hoped the phone calls, visits, positive talk in our home about her, would all help cultivate an open, loving relationship of his own with her. When this happened I felt that rare exultant joy that comes in parenthood when you realize you've accomplished something you hoped you would.

There still isn't any concrete answers or road map to our future and our relationships, but I am so grateful to see his love for her already taking shape!

Next week we are dropping him off with her and her parents for a night of fun by themselves. We feel so blessed we are able to do that and look forward to hearing about the memories they will make!


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