Sunday, July 21, 2013

(almost) Done and Done and Done

I feel like most of my blog posts lately have been about how we're "almost done" and being so close, etc.

Well, we ARE soo close!

As of tomorrow we should be done with everything on our list! It'll be time to focus fully on packing for our trip to Utah and what a relief! I feel like I've had a few stressful things the past 2 months that I've been trying to divide my attention on. Once we finish packing, it'll all be behind me. Nothing to do but eat Cafe Rio and enjoy spending time with family!

Tonight I printed off copies of our profile and Gavin is wrapping up his training. We'll have one last thing to wrap up - the letter to the birth parents. Easily one of the hardest things on the list. I can only imagine the feelings of someone considering placement. We already care so much for this amazing woman, though we've never met her. That may sound odd, but it's the same concept as you loving your child before you meet them. We love them both and have no idea who or where they are.

printing our profiles out!
Just so everyone knows here's the basic conditions we're open to: 
- open adoption preferred
-either gender, boy or girl
-can be from any US state
-any ethnicity, with the exception of Native American. Not for prejudice reasons but legal reasons. Many tribes will not allow the child to be adopted out of the tribe if the adoptive couple is not at least half-blooded Native American. We don't qualify for that. 

Thank you in advance to everyone who helps us spread the word! Thanks to friends we were blessed to find our son very quickly last time! Your help DOES matter! Thank you! 


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