Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Birth Mother's Day!

Today is a mega important day for our family. It's Birth Mother's Day!

For us, today is a chance to honor Nathan's birth mother, her sacrifice for Nathan's welfare, the fabulous job she did being Nathan's first Mommy!

This week I took Nathan shopping for some fab presents for her. On the way to the store I asked him what he wanted to get her. We had the following conversation: (names have been abbreviated for privacy)

Me: What do you want to get E? 
N: E? And J? (his biological half sister)
M: No, no presents for J this time. We're getting presents for E because Saturday is Birth Mother's Day and she is your birth mommy.
N: birth mommy?
M: Yeah, birth mommy, She was your first mommy. 
N: first mommy?
M: Yes, you grew in her tummy. 
N: And J?
M: Yes and J grew in her tummy too. Both you and J grew in her tummy. 
N: Ok. Can I watch George? 

I know that's long, but it was remarkable to me as it was our first interactive conversation about where he came from and E's importance to our family. We've told his story to him before, quite a few times. But he's just now starting to comprehend the tiniest bit.

Our hope is that he grows up knowing how loved he is and who he is, where he comes from, and feeling secure in where he is now.

I love taking a special day to recognize our E, her love, her dedication to Nathan, her sacrifice, and the fact that she was indeed his Mother first. I wouldn't even get to celebrate tomorrow if it wasn't for her.

Happy Birth Mother's Day E, we love you!


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