Thursday, December 13, 2012


Today I finally faxed off an important page in our adoption application to be filled out! Hooray! In the midst of Christmas preparations I'd totally put my goal of completing our application by 2013 on the back burner. But lately I think we're both feeling a subtle feeling of urgency, which sometimes is not so subtle!  At this point I've started wondering about the birth parents involved. Only God knows what's going on in their lives right now and I pray for them. If I've learned anything from our first time around, it's that adoption is definitely bittersweet. Though I admire them for their decision to place, there's a lot of heartbreak that comes with that decision. I hate to know anyone will experience that kind of heartbreak. The sweet part of it is getting to keep them in our lives and having them see how the child they love is growing up. I love our open relationship with Nathan's birth mom and I love that he knows her.

In other news we got some new family photos done by the fabulous Kenna! She is awesome and I'm excited to have cute new photos for our profile! Here are a few (or several)!


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