Monday, November 1, 2010

National Adoption Awareness Month!

The R House issued a challenge to blog every day something about adoption in the month of November, since it's National Adoption Awareness Month. I'm so excited to get to participate in National Adoption Awareness Month this year! I suppose I could have last year but we were still keeping our adoption plans on the DL last year (look how far we've come!)

I'm all willing to take the challenge but 30 days about adoption? Heck, 30 posts in one month is a new feat for me! This will definitely require me to take my blogging more seriously.

So, ....

Just a couple words about Adoption...

I can't think of a sweeter miracle that has ever blessed my life than the sweet miracle of adoption that has brought our Nathan to us. I was playing with him yesterday when I realized I really can't imagine this lil guy being anywhere else but with us. We have E to thank for all eternity for listening to the promptings of the Spirit and bringing this lil Angel to our family. What a treasure it is to be a parent!

Even though our journey to Baby #1 is (almost) at an end, I feel in the future we'll be blessed to embark on this journey again for future Baby Holt's :)

So, what can YOU do to help others adopt?

1. Word of Mouth: the biggest help you can be for someone you know who is adopting is to help spread the word to people you know. Whether its through conversation, blogging, etc this is a huge help! So many couples I know were united with their children through word of mouth. Ours was through a blog post by a friend... that our attorney saw... who contacted E, and the rest is history. So please help out your friends and loved ones by letting others know!

2. Be sensitive: If you know someone who is trying to adopt, please be sensitive! It's a hard process to go through, with a lot of waiting (and who among us likes to wait?). I cannot stress this enough. Families trying to adopt need lots of love and support and little to no advice, well meaning sentiments, etc. Trust me, less said is probably the better route to take! Also, read up on adoption, the process, and laws in your state. That way you will be able to offer an educated shoulder to lean on, which is very appreciated!

3. Pray: Prayers are always appreciated by those trying to adopt! The one thing I never got tired of hearing throughout this was that we were in other people's prayers. It's a sweet sentiment that can't be misunderstood :)


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