Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month I decided to do one of those acronym thingies (technical term anyone?) where you pick a word each letter stands for. I'm going to be writing about this over the next 9 days so bear with me!

A- Adventure
D- Decisions
O- Openness
P- Prayer
T- Time
I- Inspiration
O- Optimism
N- Never giving up

A stands for Adventure
As I thought about the adoption process, it's definitely an adventure. Isn't starting a family an adventure for everyone? This adventure of becoming parents had several twists and turns for us. Like any newly married couple we soon decided we wanted to make the leap to parenthood. 4 years later, along with multiple fertility tests, tears, and heartache, we felt that adoption was the route Heavenly Father intended for us to take. Looking back, we both feel so blessed to have been able to participate in this amazing adventure called Adoption. Ours seems like a whirlwind once we were approved to adopt. Though we had been longing to become parents for 5 years we felt very nervous about becoming parents with only 2 months notice! We felt blessed, but definitely nervous :)

To anyone else out there longing to become a parent or who is in the middle of their adoption adventure, keep going! Everyone's story has a happy ending, just a different timeline!


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