Monday, May 3, 2010

Gotta catch up

I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to catch up yet, though I did post a small bloggy post on our regular blog today! This may be short, or I may start rambling, but brace yourself! lol

First, can I just say how much I loove the R House blog? She always has the greatest things posted there to uplift and inspire me to not be mopey! As most of you know, the "wait" period is the hardest part of adopting. Gavin and I took inspiration from one of the General Conf talks this past April, I think it was actually from the Priesthood session: Don't just endure, but endure well. So we're taking that to heart and whenever I get discouraged Gavin lovingly reminds me of this. It does help when I have fun summer plans to stop me from pining away for a little addition to our family. I'm still pining, but at least the fun summerness pushes it to the back burner!

Second, our 5 year anniversary is this Thursday! We're so excited. Being somewhat nerds Gavin and I decided on that day we can say we've been married exactly 5.0 years! Rather than "5 years" which indicates rounding up or rounding down. But a decimal point means exact! At any rate yay for 5 years!

I didn't hesitate to give him suggestions on what we should do after work for our anniversary. After going to the temple (a tradition) I suggested he take me out to dinner with flowers. For which he burst out laughing and I was severely tickled. It was only a suggestion! ;) I even went as far to venture that perhaps where we eat dinner should be a surprise to me lol. I think he's taking my advice, can't wait to see!

Have a great Monday everyone! I'll be better at posting once school is over on Tuesday! YAY!


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