Monday, April 19, 2010

Winner Winner!

Ok time's up! Since there were only two people that left comments (sorry Gavin but you can't win these contests lol) then I decided hey, why not let them both be winners?

So Alicia and April you win! lol

Go ahead and email me your address to mail this to at

In other news I bought more books. Yes more books. It's the only thing that I allow myself to buy for future sweet baby. Clothes are too risky. I could see myself buying a truck load of the cutest baby girl clothes and then what if it's a boy? Or vice versa! No, better stay away from clothes. But books? Books are fantabulous. Books are safe. Books are something I can use (I'm a child at heart) while we're waiting for our little one. And I'm a sucker for vintage children's books. Here's what I got at DI the other weekend!

So cute! I couldn't resist. I loved books like these and still do. Can't wait till we have a cute lil munchkin who hopefully will enjoy reading as much as Gavin and I do!

There won't be any new blog posts for a while, we'll be in St George soaking up the sun! Or dodging rain drops if the weather man is right...but he's never right....right?!

We'll have tons of fun photos once we're back! Have a great week! 


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