Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adoption Video

On Monday I happened to see a show on BYUTV where they were doing a special about adoption. It was on the Living Essentials show. It was an one on one interview with a LDS Family Services case worker talking about adoption from the birth mothers view point. I found it very interesting and learned new things. They also had a few clips from birth mothers talking about there experiences. I would encourage everyone to see it. I tried to find a youtube of it but couldn't so you will either have to see it on BYUTV, they will be rebroadcasting it Saturday April 10 @ 12:00 AM, or you can go online to click on the tune in now button then on the BYU television tune in now button, wait for the viewer to load then down below the player there is a box that has the dates and also the shows according to time, click on Monday, Apr 5, 2010, then scroll down to 10:00 pm Living Essentials. This will load it for you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Please comment if you like it or not.


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