Saturday, March 20, 2010

FSA meeting

We attended our first FSA meeting Thursday night! I wish we could have attended the first meeting but my school schedule normally doesn't allow it. This week was my spring break so we jumped at the opportunity to go.

It was a good experience. We met at the new Riverton agency office and lemme just say, WOW. What a beautiful building! Not only is the Riverton agency located there but a lot of the Church's worldwide offices. Pretty neat. 

We learned in the FSA meeting that there is so much work to be done to get the wonderful word of adoption spread more widely and to educate the public more. We signed up for some things and can't wait to help!

We also met some new couples. One has been waiting for a year for their first child. I hesitate to say this but I just hope that if we have to wait that long that I can always remember to be happy and optimistic. It's hard to stay optimistic while you're waiting, there's a lot of support groups FSA offers in fact for the "waiting period". However, since we've not even been approved for a full month yet we're still full of optimism!

Also, we've been contacted by a birth mother. It happened yesterday. I won't divulge a lot of information yet except that we'll see what happens.  This may not lead to our baby but at the very least its really good practice for us to learn what to do when we're contacted. When the email came through we just stared at it for a while, like "now what?" lol. On a more serious note, I can only imagine what a hard decision this must be for any birth mother and I do not wish or want to force that decision on anyone. It's definitely something between them and Heavenly Father (and the birth father if present). We just continue to pray for all the women out there struggling with this decision.

We'll continue to keep you updated as things progress! Have a great weekend!


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