Monday, March 1, 2010

Celebrating our approval!

We were so excited to be approved today! We had been waiting for almost 2 months to be "officially" approved. Hurray!

We decided to celebrate this big event in our steps towards expanding our family!

Gavin donned his nice white polo (hehe) and surprised me by taking me out to Applebee's. Can't beat their 2 for $20! We love it!

Afterward we went shopping for a crib mattress. We're not buying too many things before we're chosen but we have our crib and some other things (like books! Very important!) We also need a dresser (vertical) but that's the last thing we'll buy before we're chosen (since it could take years for all we know).

Here's some photo highlights, we made sure to document it :)
in the car, arrived at Applebee's...can you see what I'm thinking? (mmm steak...)

Got Faith? Our table did lol, Gavin was taken back by the huge Faith staring at him. I thought it was kind of her to make it to our celebration. I didn't remember sending out invites! 
My sweet husband :) 
Plate empty!
Moi, plate also empty, yay!

Sealing our dinner with a kiss lol

G'bye Applebee's & thank you for hosting our celebration! woot!

Our purchased crib mattress yay! We looked at a couple of places and picked this one. 
Got it at Wal-Mart for $38.47
(Vent: Tax was $2.47!! I feel robbed)

Headin' home to study for a test (him) and do homework (me)
I know my eyes look crazy, but there's no photoshop fix for crazy eyes lol

And that was our little party! It has been such a joyous journey! I know that sounds weird because there was infertility & there's uncertainty mingled in our journey but we both feel very blessed! We can't help it! We get to work with a wonderful birth mother (or aka, first mother) who's out there somewhere and get the blessing and privilege of raising that cute lil baby. What's not to feel grateful for?

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