Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Changes but not change of plans

So I'm sure everyone by now has heard and read numerous material about the changes to LDS Family Services and their adoption services. In short, if we're not chosen by the end of the year then we'll need to start over with another agency.

For me, that makes my brain panic and want to quickly jump ship to another agency while it's easier (right now we can transfer our home study usually rather than start completely over since we're still certified to adopt). But while my brain wants to do this, we're not feeling prompted by God to follow that direction. We've felt inspired to hold tight and wait. And so we wait.

If you haven't already done so, please share this blog around the web to help us spread the word!

Also, this guy turns 4 next week and says every day that he wants Baby to come home to us.

It'd be a great Happy birthday if you could take a moment to spread the word via Facebook, email, blogging, or anything else! You never know who's praying to find our family!

Also, if you'd like to receive some of our adoption pass along cards, please email us with your address and I'd be happy to mail some of those out! Thanks!


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