Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Keep Swimming!

I took a break from blogging after our huge social media event. Thanks again to everyone who participated! It means a lot to us that you care!

hanging out on Valentine's Day
I've been thinking a lot about faith lately. It's one of those things that during the good times in life you feel sure you have a lot of. Then trials come and you dig deep for that faith. 

Last month our water heater needed to be replaced. If you're a home owner you know how pricey that is! (but let's acknowledge that hot water is worth every penny!

Over the weekend we discovered a leak in our roof. As we called our insurance company, I couldn't help but wonder at the timing of all these events. For most adoptive couples, there's a lot of financial planning involved and each of these events has been setting us back. So that's why over the weekend I had a little break down on the timing of all this. 

I turned to God in prayer and admitted that I felt kind of lost with all that's going on. I went to church Sunday and my soul was filled with great faith building testimonies and understanding by friends. 

I think the hardest part of adoption, or life in general, is the not knowing. But after church yesterday I feel like I can adopt Dori's mantra and "Just keep swimming!" I know God has a plan for our family and trials are but beautiful opportunities to see His hand in our lives.

In other news, we had a great Valentine's Day! Gavin went 45 minutes out of his way in a snow storm to get my my favorite cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory on his way home from work. So that added well over an hour to his commute home. Love him! 

I took Nathan to the aquarium for our special date and we had a blast! He loved seeing the sharks, penguins, and jelly fish! The last time I took him here he was 10 months old, not walking and I had a lot more equipment needed to go anywhere. It was SO fun to pal around like real pals with no stroller or diaper bag! Just me and my little man! 


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