Thursday, June 27, 2013

Waiting and Optimism

Over the next couple of weeks we will be wrapping up our adoption checklist. Then we are DONE folks! We will enter the Waiting Phase.

Who knows how long we'll be waiting. Really, only God knows.
And that's where I found a past blog post of mine really helpful to me right now.

I was looking at other adoptive couples posted on this blog and felt discouraged. Some of them have been waiting for soo long. Some of them have been childless the whole time I've been blogging - 3 years. It made me feel really discouraged.

Then I saw this post again that I had written in 2011: O is for Optimism

It was a good reminder to stop focusing on what I can't control and to essentially find "joy in the journey" or joy in the waiting process.

No one likes to wait. Patience comes easy to no one. And honestly without faith in a heavenly plan for our family I really don't know how I'd stay sane.

So here's a reminder for all of us out there (ie, really me): Be happy! Waiting doesn't last forever! Baby Holt is coming! Enjoy this time as God works his magic!

...and in the meantime go to a berry farm and pick berries with this lil guy as your helper:
using his muscles - adorable!


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