Thursday, February 7, 2013

Orientation, done!

Today we had our orientation meeting. Woot! I'm so excited! We got another huge stack of paperwork (seriously folks, it's huge) and had a great meeting with our caseworker. She explained the process and there are quite a few things that differ between Utah and Ohio. For instance, we have to have an emergency evacuation plan posted on every floor of our home...Uhm, does anyone have that posted in their home? On the bright side, I could see that as something I'd think about doing later. When Nathan was older. And understood the concept of emergency evacuation...but hey, the kid is almost three so maybe now is the time! Plus we have to have someone from the fire dept. inspect our home for fire safety every 6 months. Seriously folks. No messing around here in Ohio. None of these things are bad though. I won't complain on being safer. One of my best friends asked me today if it annoyed me that we have to do things like this and other parents (you know, the lucky kind that get healthy pregnancies?) don't have to. I told her only if I stop to think about it. No use in comparing apples to oranges. It is what it is. And no harm in being safer. It's like a bonus! And you know our emergency evacuation plan will be graphically designed with some Shauna flair. Absolutely.

The other bright side is that despite having more to do, it'll actually be a lot easier to get approved faster than last time! Hooray! Here's hoping we're celebrating approval in May! Or earlier!


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