Monday, January 28, 2013

Application DONE! Woot!

I had made a new goal to have our application done and completed by the end of this month. And today I emailed it in! Now we're scheduling our orientation meeting with the agency! I'm so excited!!!

the massive application. in all it's papery glory.

Seriously, I am SO excited to be a Mommy of two (at some point on the future...). To celebrate this milestone in our adoption process I updated my Amazon baby wishlist for this next little one. Picking out a cute diaper fun.

Last night I told Nathan that Mommy and Daddy had finally completed the application for his brother or sister. He didn't get it. I can only hope he'll be excited later when we bring him or her home!

We'll continue to keep everyone updated on our progress until we're in the waiting stage. Then no questions allowed please since it will be entirely in God's hands at that point!


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