Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coping with Infertility

This has been an interesting month. We have found out some more information about our infertility and will find out some more in a couple months. Great news! Information is always appreciated in our situation. I don't care if the answers lead to pregnancy or not, the knowing provides a huge comfort.

This month's LDS Ensign issue happens to have an article called "Learning to Cope with Infertility". It's a great article and I totally recommend it. In the past, I've been so turned off by stories where a couple miraculously ends up pregnant (spoiler alert!), with no medical intervention. Not so this time around. This month, for the first time in 4-5 years, I've felt hope. And peace. All of last month's panic and anxiety is completely gone. I feel blessed with the most beautiful feeling that everything is going to be ok.  Just this little feeling to sit back and be patient and to let God do his thing.

Aren't you glad you don't have to go through life alone? That's there's someone more powerful than you in control?

I am.


  1. I'll have to read that article when I get a chance. I let our subscription end, so I didn't get the June Ensign. :( I'm glad that they don't just focus on those that miraculously end up pregnant. What about those that it never happens to? Don't they need to know that God has a plan for them too? Even though I don't have infertility, I feel that I need to know a little about it. I don't know why. Maybe someday I'll find out.

  2. I read that article too, and while those "types" of articles (as you mentioned) are typically eye-rollers for me, I appreciated this one because they had a foot note that acknowledged that their path from infertility to parenthood may be a different one than for others. I liked that inclusion.

    And I'm so happy you feel at peace with your new found medical options!



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