Monday, August 15, 2011

One Year Ago

One Year Ago
How time flies!
How is our lil baby already ONE year old?

One year ago Gavin and I left work early to go to Emily's second to last Dr's appt.
Earlier that morning we had discovered she lost her mucus plug (I know I know, ew)
so we were now anticipating his arrival within the next couple days to a week.
Before leaving work that day for the appt, I felt I should finish packing my desk and take my personal belongings, just in case he was born later on in the week or during the weekend
It was a Wednesday so I could have easily taken them home Thurs or Fri, 
but I went ahead and did it anyways
Which is good because I didn't go back to work that week

The Drs appt went well.
E was worried he was coming that night.
We didn't get our hopes up & the Dr didn't think he would be coming that soon either. 
After the appt we chatted in the parking lot for a good hour
E said it felt like he was pushing down on something
I still didn't get worried
On our way home she texted us that she was possibly having contractions - real ones
I still didn't get worried
I got the feeling I should get everything ready for the hospital, though my brain didn't register why.
I was planning on doing more shopping for him and E after I was done.
I had just finished packing & walked into our room to tell Gavin I was headed to the store when I got a text
"My water just broke we are waiting for my dad"
It was 5:02pm
I told Gavin "Just kidding change of plans! Her water just broke! We're going to the hospital!"
I called her to see what the plan was and the poor woman was IN FULL LABOR
and screaming in pain
but had enough in her to let me know the plan
We'd meet her there, she was waiting for her Dad to get home.
We hopped in the car and started to drive when I thought, maybe we should get some snacks? you never know how long these things take!
-Yeah, my stomach is pretty important-
We decided to head to a Smith's that happened to also be in the direction of her parents house, and away from the direction of the hospital.
As we were walking into the store she called me again
still screaming in pain, she asked if we could pick her up & drive her there since her Dad wasn't home yet & she was worried he would come en route if we didn't get moving!
We ran back to the car and sped (and I do mean sped, through a construction zone no less) over there
We got to her and I helped a woman in full labor into the car
That was an experience
I've never felt so bad for our sex than seeing her like this!
Poor E was worried about the possibility of getting, er, bodily fluids on our car seats.
I told her I really didn't care but let's not get the BABY on the car seat
We again sped
(sped as in I'm honestly surprised we didn't get in a wreck. The car felt almost aerodynamic. Not our safest day as drivers)
And got to the hospital a lot faster than should be physically possible
We drove up to the door and got her into a wheelchair
Gavin parked the car while I ran/wheeled her into the hospital
She's still in labor during this the poor thing & freaking out that he's coming soon
The nurse has her change into their highly fashionable no-back gowns and get her on the bed to check her
She was dilated to a NINE
She started crying and it hit me a second later why
I felt so bad for her!
She was already in so much pain
and now to find out she has to do it natural?!
I promise this woman has a wall of gold stars in heaven

The nurses were trying to call the Dr, who'd already left for the day, while getting everything in the room ready
All of a sudden E yelled that she needed to push
I don't think the nurses believed her
So she yelled again
You'd really think they would have listened the first time

A second later a different Dr showed up and got her ready to push

Uhm, if I hadn't felt bad for our sex before I definitely did then.
About 3 - 4 pushes later and he was crowning
She wanted to stop
I don't blame her
But since he wasn't going back in she had to push again!
1-2 pushes later he was out and on her chest and looking gray/purple and slimy
They whisked him away to the warming table to get cleaned and warm

And my whole world stopped
It was the weirdest thing I'd ever experienced
I'm not sure what Gavin had felt at that moment
Because everything else in the room had disappeared for me
All I saw was this little orange haired baby, crying on the warming table.
I walked over and gave him my finger
Which he promptly took and squeezed
And that was it
I was a Mommy

We honestly can't believe it's already been a year.
Where did that little baby go?
Instead of the little tiny baby that used to sleep on our chests
He's now a 3-tooth pretoddler who loves to eat anything we eat and loves to climb stairs
He loves Elmo, teddy bears, Curious George, and puppies
He loves to pull earrings, hair, and the glasses off your face
He loves to splash in the bath tub and to brush his teeth
He fills our home with little growls and giggles
And as of a couple weeks ago, now kisses Mommy and Daddy ever so shyly
And then will growl at us if we beg for more

It has been an amazing first year together
We feel so blessed at the miracle that was brought into our lives!


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