Friday, March 4, 2011

Nathan's Adoption Finalization - a great start to the month of March

Early this morning we headed downtown to finalize Nathan's adoption into our family! We were so excited and we all wore our Sunday best for the occasion.

Isn't he handsome? :)
Court was ...court. The judge was rushed but amiable. There was another adoption he was doing that morning and they were late, so afterwards we were quickly ushered out of the courtroom to let them in. Hence no judge picture. But one thing he said I'll always remember. He said we were finalizing what was already official in our homes and hearts a long time ago. And that's exactly how we felt.

Since we didn't get any pictures at the courthouse we decided to walk around Temple Square to get some photos. (on occasions like these I ask myself why we don't wear tennis shoes with skirts?? I hate heels!)

I love Daddy-Nathan moments :)

haha-getting ready for Saturday, knocking on the Salt Lake Temple

"Oooh a doorknob"

We absolutely love this picture!

Legal and Lawfully Family

After walking around we took lil man to Build-A-Bear for his very first teddy bear that was "born" the day he became an official member of our family! Once we got home I caught some pics with him and "Teddy" :)

nom nom

Of course we bought the BYU tee for the bear! Are you suprised? ;)
It's so weird to think that we're done with the adoption part now! But we're so happy to have him officially part of our little family!


  1. The details were wonderful. I relived our 3 adoptions through yours. I can't believe how wonderful it is to have it final!!! You guys make a cute family where there is lots and lots of love. Congratulations!!

  2. Yay, for finalization. Cute pictures. I bet if you wore tennis shoes with a skirt, it would be come a fashion trend. ;)

  3. yay!!!! so excited for you guys. such cute pictures!! can't wait to hear all about it. congratulations again!

  4. Oh, I love him with his bear. Such a perfect idea.



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