Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking back to see God's Hand

It's nice to look back at the process of adopting Nathan and see some interesting things.

We decided to adopt in April 2009. A couple months later I decided to start a private blog to record our experiences and thoughts. Once we made our plans public I created this blog and ceased to write on the other one.

I re-read the old blog and came across something interesting.

Now knowing E's side of the story, it's been interesting to compare what was happening with her with what we were going through at the same time.

For instance, I came across this post logged in our journal:

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Nothing New, So I’m Blue
The title says it all. No news to report as far as our baby progress goes. But! Stayin positive right? We did receive our first baby present last night!

Two days later, E found out she was pregnant with Nathan. 

At the time I assumed we were still far away from becoming parents. How grateful I am to know now that God was already working on bringing us together to E and to Nathan. 


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