Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Legally and Lawfully...

A Family!

This morning we went to the courthouse downtown to finalize Nathan's adoption. It was wonderful to walk out thinking "It's official!".

I will post more of the day's story later but I first wanted to celebrate our blog going public! Hooray!

So how about a giveaway?

How about a book? Or even better, a book about adoption? :)

My fabulous friend Ashley wrote this book and she sent me some to give away to YOU! She was even sweet enough to sign the inside cover!

Reading this story the first time made me teary because it matches our story to adopt Nathan so much. I hope you will enjoy it!

I have two copies to giveaway and you can win! All you have to do is leave a comment offering congratulations to us (haha) or something about your own families. Easy enough right?

I'll close this tonight at midnight- it's a short giveaway - and I'll announce the winners tomorrow.

Good Luck!


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