Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dawning Realizations

Today was Nathan's baby blessing at our church and what a beautiful sweet experience that was to top off a great week!

Of course, I cried. Of course. My emotions have been very much on the surface this week. Gavin and I feel overwhelmingly blessed and we've had some "dawning realizations" today.

Dawning Realization Uno:
We feel free(?), for  lack of a better word. We realized that we are done with all the process of making Nathan our son. There are no more steps from here. No more following up with our attorney or scheduling appointments. It feels weird. But we feel as if we've finally arrived at the point most couples do when they bring their baby home from the hospital. We feel as if a huge weight has been lifted as we look to the future and realize that's it! Only parenthood from here on out! We are so excited!

Bring on the joys that parenthood offers! He's ours!

Dawning Realization Dos:
Gavin pointed out today that it will be 2 years next month since we started on our adoption journey to Nathan.


I couldn't believe it. In reality everything seemed to have happened so fast. And indeed, in the adoption world we were picked and he was placed quicker than the norm. I just couldn't believe it had been 2 years that we went from this:
mailing off our adoption paperwork, July 2009
Don't we look nervous?
to this:
Dawning Realization Tres:
Uhm, if it took 2 years to get Nathan, who like I said was placed with us super quick, does that mean we should have started on adopting Baby Holga/Butch yesterday? (author would like to affirm that she has better taste than to honestly name her children Holga, Butch, Eunice, Bob, and Buttkiss. That is all.) 

Dawning Realization Cuatro:
Baby Holga/Butch is in the Lord's hands and I'm gonna say "Hakuna Matata" for now and trust that He has things under control.  

Whew, thank heavens for dawning realizations huh? :)


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