Thursday, March 31, 2011


Sorry, this isn't a post about where/when we're moving 
but rather Nathan's new found ability to move anywhere he wants!

Last night he seems to have figured out how to roll everywhere!
To where he wants,
and to what he wants.

Cue need to maintain a floor free of clutter!
We've never had to do that before :\

Last night Gavin turned his back and when he turned to Nathan he was across the floor and chewing on Daddy's booklet from a company (dadada)
This guy moves FAST!

And he knows what he wants. 

Nothing is safe.
Not even a basket full of clean laundry.

I have a feeling from here on out I'm going to be on my toes!

As for our family moving, we're still working some things out so no publishing of plans as of yet.
I'm hoping we have everything figured out by the end of next week! YAY!
It's so cute!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking back to see God's Hand

It's nice to look back at the process of adopting Nathan and see some interesting things.

We decided to adopt in April 2009. A couple months later I decided to start a private blog to record our experiences and thoughts. Once we made our plans public I created this blog and ceased to write on the other one.

I re-read the old blog and came across something interesting.

Now knowing E's side of the story, it's been interesting to compare what was happening with her with what we were going through at the same time.

For instance, I came across this post logged in our journal:

Sunday, February 7, 2010
Nothing New, So I’m Blue
The title says it all. No news to report as far as our baby progress goes. But! Stayin positive right? We did receive our first baby present last night!

Two days later, E found out she was pregnant with Nathan. 

At the time I assumed we were still far away from becoming parents. How grateful I am to know now that God was already working on bringing us together to E and to Nathan. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dawning Realizations

Today was Nathan's baby blessing at our church and what a beautiful sweet experience that was to top off a great week!

Of course, I cried. Of course. My emotions have been very much on the surface this week. Gavin and I feel overwhelmingly blessed and we've had some "dawning realizations" today.

Dawning Realization Uno:
We feel free(?), for  lack of a better word. We realized that we are done with all the process of making Nathan our son. There are no more steps from here. No more following up with our attorney or scheduling appointments. It feels weird. But we feel as if we've finally arrived at the point most couples do when they bring their baby home from the hospital. We feel as if a huge weight has been lifted as we look to the future and realize that's it! Only parenthood from here on out! We are so excited!

Bring on the joys that parenthood offers! He's ours!

Dawning Realization Dos:
Gavin pointed out today that it will be 2 years next month since we started on our adoption journey to Nathan.


I couldn't believe it. In reality everything seemed to have happened so fast. And indeed, in the adoption world we were picked and he was placed quicker than the norm. I just couldn't believe it had been 2 years that we went from this:
mailing off our adoption paperwork, July 2009
Don't we look nervous?
to this:
Dawning Realization Tres:
Uhm, if it took 2 years to get Nathan, who like I said was placed with us super quick, does that mean we should have started on adopting Baby Holga/Butch yesterday? (author would like to affirm that she has better taste than to honestly name her children Holga, Butch, Eunice, Bob, and Buttkiss. That is all.) 

Dawning Realization Cuatro:
Baby Holga/Butch is in the Lord's hands and I'm gonna say "Hakuna Matata" for now and trust that He has things under control.  

Whew, thank heavens for dawning realizations huh? :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sealing the Deal

Today we "sealed the deal" as today was Nathan's sealing day in the Jordan River Temple.
Together Forever!
 What added to the beautiful experience was Nathan's birthmom was there waiting for us when we were done.

We felt so blessed to have her there. We feel such peace having such a great relationship with her. We really feel strongly that open adoption is the way to go, if possible, for anyone thinking about adoption. What better gift could either of his parents, biological and adopted, give their child than a healthy open relationship with his biological family?
open adoption = love
As we've navigated through what open adoption would mean for all of us, it felt so good to step back today and think that we've arrived at where I'd hope we be, at what I had hoped and imagined our relationship would be. I felt like it was a day of closure for us. We were finally done with the adoption process. Done!

There were so many times today I looked down at him in wonder that he was our son, as if he had been born to us. All thanks to one incredible woman who followed her heart and her head to give him the greatest gift she could, and simultaneously ended up giving us something we could not give ourselves. We truly feel so blessed, more than words can adequately express.
We love this photo because of the words in the background (oh and the adorable baby isn't bad either). We feel we owe everything to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We know where our blessings come from and we acknowledge His hand in our lives. Neither of us feel we deserve to be this happy or blessed with such a perfect son but we're glad God seems to feel differently!

Thanks again to everyone who gave their support to us over the past several years as we walked the bumpy road God gave us to welcome Nathan into our lives. Thanks also to all those who have welcomed him into their hearts. And finally, thanks to everyone who came today! We love you all!


is what open adoption is all about.

Gavin, Me, Nathan, and his wonderful birthmom
More to follow, of course :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Nathan's Adoption Finalization - a great start to the month of March

Early this morning we headed downtown to finalize Nathan's adoption into our family! We were so excited and we all wore our Sunday best for the occasion.

Isn't he handsome? :)
Court was ...court. The judge was rushed but amiable. There was another adoption he was doing that morning and they were late, so afterwards we were quickly ushered out of the courtroom to let them in. Hence no judge picture. But one thing he said I'll always remember. He said we were finalizing what was already official in our homes and hearts a long time ago. And that's exactly how we felt.

Since we didn't get any pictures at the courthouse we decided to walk around Temple Square to get some photos. (on occasions like these I ask myself why we don't wear tennis shoes with skirts?? I hate heels!)

I love Daddy-Nathan moments :)

haha-getting ready for Saturday, knocking on the Salt Lake Temple

"Oooh a doorknob"

We absolutely love this picture!

Legal and Lawfully Family

After walking around we took lil man to Build-A-Bear for his very first teddy bear that was "born" the day he became an official member of our family! Once we got home I caught some pics with him and "Teddy" :)

nom nom

Of course we bought the BYU tee for the bear! Are you suprised? ;)
It's so weird to think that we're done with the adoption part now! But we're so happy to have him officially part of our little family!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congrats "Ryan" and "mommamoo"! You are the winners of our Giveaway!

I'll ship out your book soon (mommamoo I'll see you Saturday haha)

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and congrats!

To prove I didn't cheat or show any bias :)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Legally and Lawfully...

A Family!

This morning we went to the courthouse downtown to finalize Nathan's adoption. It was wonderful to walk out thinking "It's official!".

I will post more of the day's story later but I first wanted to celebrate our blog going public! Hooray!

So how about a giveaway?

How about a book? Or even better, a book about adoption? :)

My fabulous friend Ashley wrote this book and she sent me some to give away to YOU! She was even sweet enough to sign the inside cover!

Reading this story the first time made me teary because it matches our story to adopt Nathan so much. I hope you will enjoy it!

I have two copies to giveaway and you can win! All you have to do is leave a comment offering congratulations to us (haha) or something about your own families. Easy enough right?

I'll close this tonight at midnight- it's a short giveaway - and I'll announce the winners tomorrow.

Good Luck!


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