Sunday, October 3, 2010


The title should say it all. If you haven't already heard about the Similac formula recall, well we're part of it!

I had luckily saved all our formula cans and containers to reuse so we were able to go to their website and check out the serial number. Well, the large container we had been using was contaminated! Which totally explains why for a couple of weeks he had major tummy pains, would scream in pain, and couldn't poop hardly at all! Needless to say I was livid!!! I'm not your sue happy type of gal but BUT they're just lucky there were no lasting effects because that might have gone down differently! No wonder he was in pain- apparently infant digestive systems can't digest beetles. Go figure. (seeing RED here!)

Anyways, they're sending us a refund and we're happy to announce that he's now a pooping machine! Instead of being clogged up we can't get him to stop! lol We finally know what it's like to go through a lotta baby wipes.

Anyone else have a run-in with the beetle Similac?


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