Sunday, October 3, 2010


The title should say it all. If you haven't already heard about the Similac formula recall, well we're part of it!

I had luckily saved all our formula cans and containers to reuse so we were able to go to their website and check out the serial number. Well, the large container we had been using was contaminated! Which totally explains why for a couple of weeks he had major tummy pains, would scream in pain, and couldn't poop hardly at all! Needless to say I was livid!!! I'm not your sue happy type of gal but BUT they're just lucky there were no lasting effects because that might have gone down differently! No wonder he was in pain- apparently infant digestive systems can't digest beetles. Go figure. (seeing RED here!)

Anyways, they're sending us a refund and we're happy to announce that he's now a pooping machine! Instead of being clogged up we can't get him to stop! lol We finally know what it's like to go through a lotta baby wipes.

Anyone else have a run-in with the beetle Similac?


  1. WOW!!!! YA! I'd be furious!!! I'm glad you caught it and he's doing better now! Poor lil guy! Ya know, if we would of had a boy we were going to name him Nathen ;) But the Lord blessed with 3 beautiful girls. :)

  2. we were part of it too. i didn't save the containers though so we only got refunds for the one we were using and the one we hadn't opened but ya, Emily had the same issues. :(

  3. Oh wow Shauna that is so hard to not go Puma on people when the health and well being of your baby has been on the line. I'm proud of how forgiving you are! I was having angry shakes just reading about it. I am so happy to hear that your lil man is doing better!

  4. Oh, I would be so mad! As if the first few weeks aren't hard enough.... Glad he's doing better now! Love ya!

  5. We got notices from like four different stores, but I DIDN'T save our containers so I don't know if ours were contaminated. Probably... Z's been fine and we switched to Nestle to take advantage of free formula through Lance's work so I'm not too worried...

    having a hubby in the food industry you hear of things that are much worse...ha!

  6. Ew! How infuriating. I am so glad to hear he's okay now. Good thing you get a refund, too. (This also makes me doubly glad that we chose to go with Enfamil for supplementing.)

    Maybe it would make him feel better to come and see his new second cousin. (I think that's it, isn't it? Some kind of cousin, anyway.) ;)



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