Monday, September 27, 2010

6 Weeks into Parenthood

I have not blogged in forever! But then my days are very different than what they used to be! As I've previously blogged, taking a shower is a big deal still. Hopefully as we head into our 7th week of parenthood Mr. Nathan will be sleeping for longer stretches of time which = more time Mommy has to do things, Yay!

Don't get me wrong, I love days where all I do is hold him, feed him, and change him (I did wait 5 years for this after all) but, there are definitely moments where I'd appreciate the time to clean my kitchen, shower, work out, etc. That will come with time I guess (right? right?)

Here are some recent photos of our handsome Nathan :) We sure do love him!


  1. Oh my, he still looks so tiny! It goes way too fast, and before you know it you'll be going potty and you'll see his little hands sticking under the door trying to get to you! LOL!

    I agree though, being a mommy is paradise, and diaper bags and flats are totally 'in'! :)

  2. haha! I love the baby yawn pictures!

  3. Very cute. I am so happy for you two. Hope to see you two and baby nathan soon. I love baby they are so small and cute and innocent. Good luck with everything. Keep the postings coming when you can.

  4. Sorry honey, you don't get more time later on. Enjoy it now, because it just gets more time consuming!

  5. I can't see the pictures of little Nathan. How come? :(



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