Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Birth Story

I realize I've been slacking on my blogging lately but I've been busy with our precious little boy!

I wanted to take a quick moment in between naps to update everyone on his amazing arrival.

I'll try to make this brief, but no promises!

Wed, Aug 11th, we had a routine Drs appt. "E" was dilated to a 3 and felt some pressure "down there" but nothing we were alarmed about. Oh and she passed her mucus plug that morning. But either way I wasn't alarmed since 1. she always got contractions after a Dr's appt and 2. passing the plug doesn't give a good indication always when the baby is coming. After the appt we talked for an hour in the parking lot. She kept saying he was pressing down on something. I jokingly offered maybe he was trying to find the exit! An hour later she texted us that she thinks the pressure was really contractions. I still didn't feel the need for immediate alarm. I had felt he was coming soon but figured over the next couple of days. I went around the house packing things for the hospital unknowingly following the promptings of the Spirit.

I had just finished packing for the hospital and had gone into our bedroom to tell Gavin that I was going to the store for more baby things when she texted me, at 5:02pm, that her water broke.


So we quickly grabbed the bags and headed to the car. She called me during this in active labor and said they were waiting for her Dad to get home and for us to meet her at the hospital. We decided on our way there we'd stop at Smith's grocery store for some snacks. As we were walking towards the Smith's entrance she calls again, still in active labor. She asked us how quickly we could get her to the hospital and we said pretty quickly. Her Dad still wasn't home and she was worried that she'd have the baby on the side of the street if we didn't hurry! Hurry we did! We picked her up at her parents. Again, this woman is in active labor. We helped her get in the front seat, I got in the back as she's squeezing my hand, and Gavin- dear amazing Gavin- got us to the hospital (on the other side of the valley!) in 10 MINUTES!!!! Yes, there undoubtedly were angels helping us! "E" was oblivious to how fast we were going I think and was mainly worried about getting to the hospital before the baby arrived. I was just worried that we were going to die lol.

We arrive at the hospital around 5:45pm. We get her into a wheelchair, I wheel her in while Gavin parks the car. I rush her back, she gets a room, changes, gets on the bed and is yelling for an epidural. The nurse checks her and she is dilated to a 9!!! So sadly, no epidural for her :( Probably a minute later she starts saying she has to push. A Dr shows up and 4 pushes later little Nathan was born! It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. I was crying (of course!)

"E" is amazing. She walked to her room after the delivery, sipping on a soda no less. After natural childbirth!!! Did I mention NATURAL? As in NO drugs whatsoever?!

So that tops off the birth story lol. I know I know. I will try to get to much more posting about the days that followed. Thanks for being patient!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Baby :)

We added one of those semi-creepy baby widgets to our blog! Despite it looking a little creepy I love seeing lil Baby Bob here on our blog! It's exactly 14 days till he's here! Unless he arrives earlier...which I'm trying not to think about :)

Can't wait!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The "Other" Waiting Game

In light of some recent events I felt like I had to post this. And my apologies in advanced for the lack of eloquent awesomeness :)

As we near the arrival of little Baby (insert name here), we are getting excited! So excited its driving me bonkers. I call it the second waiting game. First you wait to get picked. Now that we're so close to his arrival, we're in the second stage of the waiting game. I'm having a hard time trying to wait lately! 20 more days seems like forever! Gavin kindly reminded me last night that I've already waited 5 years, so what's another 3 weeks?

But she's dilated to a 2 I keep thinking. And 80% effaced. It truly isn't nice of Baby to play tricks on Mama already. If he's planning on cooking for another 2-3 weeks the least he could do is to save any progressing labor signs till then. For my sanity. 

To help keep my sanity I try to remind myself of the things I wanted to accomplish and get done prior to Baby's arrival. This also involves me doing lots of cleaning around our home so as not to think about Baby's pending arrival. And making baby blankets so as not to think about his pending arrival. Oh and doing his laundry so as not to think about his arrival. Reading baby need-to-know books so as not to dwell on his pending arrival. And making very conscious efforts to try and think of anything but his pending arrival. (Can you tell how well that's working??)

It would be really helpful if there was at least college football right now :\

I am so grateful and happy that everyone we know is soo excited for his arrival. You are all awesome! But if I ever appear/react distant or cold while you are excitedly reminding me of his pending arrival or asking for updates, it's because I'm trying not to dwell on his pending arrival. And also because there are no updates lol. I'm better than CNN folks. If there are updates, you will oh so hear about it!

So my apologies but it's really for my sanity at this point.

Or whatever's left of it :\


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