Sunday, July 4, 2010

Whats in a name?

Whats in a name?


 "You can't tell me the success of Kevin Bacon doesn't have to do with the fact his last name is Bacon! You don't see people lining up to see a Kevin Hotdog movie." -Jim Gaffigan

Thank you Jim, well said :)

We are searching for the right name for our bebe. For instance, Butch. Who could possibly be serious naming their boy that? So it can't be a ridiculous name. It can't be a pansy name either. Like, Skipper or Lyle. It can't also be a name tied to a celebrity - Edward, Charlie (Charlie Brown), Brad, etc. We also don't want a name that its a gender neutral name - Taylor etc

I really like names that mean in Hebrew something about being a gift from God. Because he is our present from God (and an amazing woman) we feel.

There are a couple of names we're contemplating, but nothing definite yet! So for now, he remains Bob the Baby. I know I know, we need something better stat!

Gavin brought home the what to expect during your first year book yesterday. I've been reading and getting brain cramps I think. So much to learn in 49 days! (yes thats right, around 49 DAYS!)

One thing we have to do asap is choose our pediatrician for zee  baby. The last thing I want is to have to find a Dr when I need one b/c the baby is sick :\ That's not a good time to find a Dr.

We'll also be registering soon for baby stuff! People are starting to plan baby showers, so surreal!

Thanks again everyone for all the love, support, and prayers over the years! We're almost there! This has been an amazing journey and experience and we wouldn't trade any of it for anything!


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