Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Soul Sister!

Ok everyone, I have an important announcement to make.

E & I would like to announce that we're Soul Sisters

Yeah, that's right. Soul Sisters. As in Train's "Hey Soul Sister"!

Not only do we have the whole being in love with Baby Bob in common, but a trillion of the basic personality quirks, likes, and traits that constitutes a Soul Sister. ahem. Let me give you the lay down here ;)

1. love of pizza rolls
-for those who know me you know how much Totino's pizza rolls owns my soul
2. love of antiques and Victorian houses
-if you were to break my soul like a puzzle a huge piece belongs to these 2 loves!
3. addicted to milk
-yeah, I seriously need a milk fix every day. I thought I was wacko. Thank you E for being wacko with me lol!
4. a sincere conviction that our souls are hispanic haha!
-pretty much since I discovered spanish music, dancing, the language, and Cafe Rio I've been convinced there was a Rosa or Rosita in my family tree somewhere. Maybe I am Rosita. But hidden in a pale white skin. E is the exact same way lol! Love it!
5. The desire to paint an accent wall in POLKA DOTS
-are you kidding me?! I found someone else like me that wants a polka dot wall?!? Unreal!
6. Same taste in movie genres
-no scary movies for us! blech!
7. being hyper sensitive to meanness
-yeah, we can't watch or read about it. No way. She saw Shiloh as a little girl and cried. I cry at all movies when life or people isn't being nice to someone. Go figure. I thought I was uber over sensitive. But she is too!
8. Verbage and phrasology.
-sometimes its weird for me to get a text from her that I at first think I sent it to myself on accident, lol!

Thank you E for making me feel somewhat normal ;)

In all seriousness I thank my Father in Heaven for blessing us with E. I had hoped that our lil angel's birth mom would be someone I could be close to. No effort needed with E! Love her to death!


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