Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Happy

Yesterday was Birthmother's Day! Happy Belated Birthmother's Day to all the wonderful birthmother's out there!

And, Happy Mother's Day everyone! We enjoyed getting together with family celebrating the wonderful Mother's in our lives.

Some exciting news in our lives... Gavin's oldest sister and her husband are doing foster-to-adopt with the state. They have 4 children but still felt like someone was missing. This past Thursday, our anniversary!, they welcomed a little Princess home into their family!! Right now its only temporary but we're all anxiously hoping it will become permanent! We've all fallen in love with her! She is so precious! On Sat morning her foster father gave her a Priesthood blessing. Gavin's sister started bawling because she realized that little girl wouldn't have a father or the  Priesthood if not for foster care. No matter the outcome, we're all very glad this little one is with us and pray for the birthmother as well. What a miracle families are!

Have a great week everyone!


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