Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FHE & a Swagger Wagon

I'm always a little afraid of getting too personal on here, or too silly, but since that's completely my nature I figure I'd make the exception today :)

Last night Gavin prepared a wonderful FHE. Sunday night we had the privilege of meeting some descendants of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was amazing. The son we met looks so much like all the art of the Prophet I've ever seen! So last night for FHE, Gavin had us read the First Vision as a family. It was awesome. I'm so grateful for this gospel and a loving Heavenly Father! And a wonderful husband who prepares wonderful Family Home Evenings.

When we first started having FHE we were a newlywed couple. At first I thought it was silly. There was only 2 of us and we were together every day! Why did we need "Family Time"? However we felt strongly that our small family still needed this and prayerfully moved forward. It has been such a blessing to our small family over the years and I'm very glad we didn't wait until we were blessed with children to start it!

On another note, a coworker sent this to me yesterday and I have not been able to stop laughing over it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the (epic) Swagger Wagon!

You know we'll have a swagger wagon one day! LOL, Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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