Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What? Parenthood isn't a bed of roses?

I wanted to leave my husband's blog post up a little longer because I love everything he wrote and its very educational to those not familiar with adoption. So please! Scroll down and read it if you haven't already! (He'd also love any comments or questions!)

But I wanted to share something I came across today. I am an avid reader of this fabulous blog.  I love her sense of humor and straightforwardness (is that a word??) Today she posted something that hit home. I'd encourage you to all check it out here, especially if you are not adopting but know others who are! (*cough* like us haha)

It's all about how it's often assumed that infertile or adopting couples don't know what they're getting into when they're trying to become parents. But does anyone really? Until they're there? But the blogger goes on to say that we don't assume it's going to be a party. We are well aware that life will change! Date nights will change. Making out and other amorous activities will change. Me being able to look decent during the day will totally depend on how much time I have while I'm caring the baby. We know all this. Promise ;) We aren't mistaken what line we're in, we know this ain't the line to a fabulous Mexican cruise, but the ride of Parenthood.

Why do I bring this up?

Lately we've been getting some remarks along the lines of "You just wait..." and other remarks implying we'll regret becoming parents. Regret becoming parents? Is that possible?  I find it very irritating that someone would assume that after fighting for 5 years to become parents that we would expect a perfect non-crying, non-vomiting baby who always sleeps through the night, never becomes sick, and never interferes with our current social life.


So please, read the articles I've added links to! We are so excited to become parents and are so grateful to all our loving friends and family who have been so sweet throughout all this! While we're definitely enjoying the luxury we still have to get a full nights sleep (insert laugh here, b/c what college student really gets a full night's sleep?), nothing will be better than when the emptiness of our arms is filled and the ache in our hearts is abated.

Thanks you guys so much!


  1. laughing; the event i left out of the story was that after we *finally* put julia to bed, mike rolled over and started trying to make out with me.

    "i still have VOMIT in my hair, are you kidding me?!"

    he was at a loss to understand why i wasn't in the mood.

    love the point you made about "not making out." so. true.

  2. LOL! love your comment Ashley! Made me laugh at work :P

  3. Shauna, I read her blog too. I love it! And I love how you put things too. It all made me remember a post from another blog I read. you should check it out: http://marcandmegan.blogspot.com/2010/03/way-things-were.html I love how she describes that yes, they have sleepless nights full of crying fussy baby, but they are nothing compared to sleepless nights filled with silence and longing....

  4. I hated when I was pregnant and would say I got in a much needed nap and someone would say " enjoy it now.. just you wait". It was like dont burst my bubble! lol I dont think people who adopt are any different than those who have children biologically. Like you said NO ONE no matter how your baby comes to you is full prepared and ready to be a parent..you just become one and learn everyday something new regardless if the baby was in your tummy or not. I would think parents who have adopted would realise all that comes with taking care of a baby much more than someone who woke up one day and had a unplanned pregnancy. You and Gavin are WANTING this, and LOOKING for it. Which means obviously you know whats involved. I cant wait for the day you get your baby. You will be excellent parents and I dont even know Gavin! lol. Matt and I really want to build a friendship with you guys and its not cause we want to "show" you what its like to be a parent..We want to be around you guys to learn from YOU. We read your blogs, and are inspired by your passion and faith. We want to have a marriage like you guys. We really do care, and hope that we will be able to get together. I really do pray that you will get your baby when the time is right for your family. Your little one is just waiting for you I know it =]

  5. Hey! I just found your blog through the families for domestic adoption! We were adopting from Uganda but due to government problems we are now adopting our first baby through domestic adoption! Would love to follow your blog and feel free to follow ours! p.s. i understand the comments, we get comments all the time like "oh you just wait, soon after you adopt you'll get pregnant" which is so silly for them to say because we can get pregnant, we just miscarry everytime.



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