Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birth Parent Letter

Dear Friend, 
We are truly grateful that you would consider placing your child with us by learning more about our family.  We think of you often. Wondering who you are and what you are like.  We are constantly praying for you as we can’t possibly understand all that you are going through.  We hope that the Spirit of the Lord will be with you and comfort you.

Well a little about us… we have been married for a blissful four and a half years.  We met at a high school dance and became best friends. Since we have only grown closer and closer with each day. Some people say we still look newlywed, whatever that means.  We love making each other laugh and can’t seem to learn enough about each other, which is one of our favorite things to do.  We love doing just about anything as long as were together.  Hiking, camping, sports of all kinds, cooking, cleaning, playing games, road trips… etc. If were together then we are having a good time. 

We are very involved with our extended families.  I think sometimes Shauna is better friends with my own cousins.  We enjoy getting to visit our siblings and parents on a weekly basis.  We love getting to play with our nieces and nephews and feel no burden at all taking them off their parents hands.

We have tried to build our home so that the Spirit of the Lord can constantly be there.  We have believed that the Spirit is the greatest teacher and we love to learn.  We are constantly building a library of books of many different subjects.  We both value education and feel that we can never learn enough. Your child will be brought up in a home of love and support, and will be taught of the great sacrifice and love that you have for them. 

Well let me tell you about Shauna.  She is someone that you meet and can’t not fall in love with, it just can’t happen.  She has such a loving personality and has the most caring heart.  Constantly when we are driving and see someone off to the side of the road she gives me the look or says “do you think that they are ok” knowing that if she says that I will turn around and see.  She is the type of person that will always be there to put her arm around you.  She has a lot of energy and puts it to good use.  Shauna is very, very, creative. She loves taking pictures, painting, sewing, making cards, cooking, and pretty much anything that she can do to create something.  She has set many goals for her life, one being to get her bachelor’s degree in English.  She is someone that won’t accept anything but her best. Shauna has the greatest faith in her Father in Heaven.  She is constantly telling me of how He has answered another one of her prayers, even if it was the smallest thing.  She never forgets it was Him that made it possible.  She seems to be able to push everyone she comes in contact with to be their very best self.  I truly love her with all my heart.

I could write pages about Gavin, but I'll try not to. He is the most wonderful person I know or have ever met. And I'm not just saying that because he's my husband! To me, he personifies the scripture "slow to anger" and is one of the most humble people I know. He has a deep love for his Savior and it shows in his kindness and gentleness. He's a very hard worker. He's worked hard to get into BYU for his bachelor's degree and is now working on his master's degree there. He is very service minded. He cares about the families he home teaches very much and strives to fulfill his calling as a home teacher. He always volunteers us to clean the church, he just loves to help! He's not a chatterbox but definitely opens up more the more he gets to know you. He's very thoughtful. He always thinks about what he says before he says it because he never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. He's always there with a hug for me at the end of the day or to rub my head when I'm stressed. During our 4.5 years of being married I have never felt harshness, resentment, or bitterness of any kind from him while we explored my fertility problems. We’re the same on a lot of things but our differences enrich our friendship. We’re best friends and love to pal around on adventures. A couple of other facts about Gavin are that he loves airplanes and college football. He’s also a handy man which I greatly appreciate! He’s quick to fix things and also loves taking things apart. He’s very excited to work in his chosen field of Mechanical Engineering. I love him so much. He's my best friend and I feel very blessed to be married to him.

We both are very excited about the whole adoption process and have felt Heavenly Fathers spirit in every step we have taken.  We can’t wait to meet you and get you know you better.  We love you and again pray that Heavenly Father will be with you.

Gavin and Shauna


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