Saturday, September 26, 2015

Becoming Foster Parents

The process to become a foster parent isn't easy on the heart. For 6 weeks we spent the majority of our Saturday at the training classes. These were in depth and long classes. We struggled being away from our son for that long and with the material we were learning. There were many times I'd need to listen to Christmas music after class to shake off the gloomy feelings.

And there were so many times we almost gave up.

After all, what are the rewards for the foster parents?

As a foster parent you face parenting challenges you never counted on experiencing. You open your home and your whole heart to someone who may be with you for mere days. You open your family to a barrage of questions from outsiders. You open yourself to judgments from everyone around you and to the stereotypes our culture has given you. As a foster parent you agree to shelter and protect a child while knowing your protection is very, very limited.

But then you get that phone call. There is an innocent child that needs you. They have no one else.

How can you say no?
Even if you're told they'll only be with you for 3 days?
Your heart is already gone.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Embarking on a new journey

I have not blogged since November and there's a reason for that. Through prayer we have decided to certify to become foster parents and, hopefully, adopt through that route next. 

This was not an easy decision, nor has it been an easy road so far. But now I finally feel like we're to the exciting part! 

We're almost done getting certified and the baby room is all set up and ready to welcome whomever God sends our way! 

At first I wondered about keeping this blog, but I've decided to blog also about our experiences of adopting through foster care because, after a search on Pinterest, there's a shortage of advice out there on the subject!

Thanks for your continued prayers for our family as we strive to grow our family, one beautiful child at a time!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Strengthening Relationships with Birth Family

I know I've seriously neglected this blog but honestly not a lot has been happening in our efforts to grow our family lately.

But I wanted to write a little bit about our amazing opportunity to spend almost an entire day with some of Nathan's birth family last month!

We live in different parts of the country but thankfully Nathan's birth mom lives in the same state as the rest of our extended family making it super convenient to hang out with them when we go home for weddings or reunions.

Last month we headed back home for a wedding and got to spend almost an entire day with Nathan's birth family! It was his birth mom, his half sister, and later even a biological aunt and his birth grandparents! AMAZING DAY!

First we went to the Boo at the Zoo and had so much fun! Nathan and his half sister are soo close and get along so well! It melts my heart to watch them interact with each other! I feel so thankful that Nathan can have special relationship with her, especially since he doesn't have any other siblings yet.

They could almost pass as twins!
But what's funny is she's older but he's taller!

They play so well together, they act likes best friends
AND siblings because they'll fight and squabble too!
In fact, she got grumpy and he kept running after her at the zoo trying to cheer him up.
He didn't get her nonverbal cues that she needed some alone time to calm down.
She kept running away.
Finally he shouted "STOP BEING A FEISTY PANTS!"
It was hilarious and all the other zoo guests around started laughing LOL!

After the zoo we went to Olive Garden!
We came here a few times while she was pregnant with Nathan 
and the day she relinquished her rights.
It was fun to come back now years later with both kids too!

This was before they started fighting over the smartphone LOL.

Afterwards we headed to Gardner's Village to check out their Halloween stuff. His bio aunt introduced us to apple pie caramel apples.
It was amazing!
Most of the day we spent comparing Nathan's facial features to his birth mom, sister, and aunt.
So fun!
Having similar physical features is something I've taken for granted being in a biological family.
So I was so glad that Nathan has relationships with his biological family so he can feel that sense of sameness too.

Afterwards we went to his birth grandparents house!
It was nice to catch up with them and Nathan played with their dogs almost the whole time.
He was in dog heaven!
At one point he ran inside and asked grandpa a question and actually called him grandpa!
On his own! I hadn't even taught him to since we rarely see them!
It was so neat and I could tell it meant a lot to his birth mom.
Lots of love in that room!

It was such a great day and I felt so grateful we got to spend this time with them!
I hope Nathan remembers it years from now!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for their kind messages of support and love after my last post. 
It really means a lot to know so many care about our family. 

We love you! 
our most recent "family photo" happens to just be our feet!
time for a new photo!


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